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Lack of real-world, evidence-based health effect data analytics to discover.

  • The complexity of clinical data acquisition, strategies and analysis
  • Lack of data analytics tools for better cannabis care outcomes
  • Lack of patient trust and engagement due to societal stigma
  • Difficulty in identifying verified, quality products
  • Limited cannabis educated healthcare professionals

Cannabis health data analytics platform powered by an intelligent telehealth software and AI tools

  • Real-world health data insights for discovery
  • Clinical decision-support tool for clinicians
  • Evidence-based data for better health outcomes​
  • Applied Machine Learning to weed-out the noise from the data
  • Customized, actionable, interactive data dashboards for insights


To build the cannabis health intelligence platform power by AI to improve care and accelerate science


To be the cannabis data analytics platform for reliable care, quality products and sound policy standards


To pass on the knowledge to benefit the next generation of cannabis patients

Together we can discover the health benefits of cannabis, mitigate risks, and minimize side-effects by applying scientific methods and technology tools.

Supporting the patient through reliable education and safe products selection.

Cannabis health information exchange to benefit community and industry.

Access to patients through a user-friendly technology platform.

2019 projected growth for medical use is $5.9 billion and $7.0 billion for adult use sales, up 28% (from $4.6 billion) and 21% (from $5.8 billion) from 2018

2.4 million, is the number of patients projected to enter the medical cannabis space. Up 26% from 1.9 million patients in 2018

By investing in the cannabis industry and IllumeSense, you enter a dynamic, high reward industry with a bright future.

Source: New Frontier Data

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