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Intelligent Cannabis Health Record

As patients use of cannabis to support health conditions increases, it is essential to not only capture data, but to analyze that data to improve insights and outcomes.

The IllumeSense platform is also an EHR that captures cannabis data from patients, clinicians, research, and products. Our data analytics dashboard is your clinical decision-support tool to help you optimize care for your patients. You may customize your own dashboard for dosages, cannabinoid profiles, symptom management, and specific clinical implications.

Cannabis care is complex and with so many product options, it is difficult for clinicians and patients to choose which ones most support a particular condition.

Already trained in cannabis care education? Register or log in below to subscribe to the IllumeSense cannabis health record (CHR).

  • Identify and track potential drug-drug interactions.
  • Captures data on dosages for specific clinical implications.
  • Captures data on chemovars, methods of administration and side effects.
  • Benchmark yourself against other cannabis clinicians

At ADVENT, our job is to prepare you. Patients today often know more about medical cannabis than their healthcare providers, yet they still have questions they expect their providers to answer. Are you prepared to answer your patients’ questions about cannabis?

Learn the foundations of cannabis science and medicine from a trusted source. Radicle Health Cannabis for Healthcare Professionals is a self-paced curriculum package that includes over 4 hours of recorded Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with audio narration, an accompanying script, supplemental educational content, and self-assessment tests.

Online Medical Cannabis and CBD Certification with evidence based training and condition specific dosage guidelines. Developed by renowned cannabis clinician, Dr. Dustin Sulak.


Curious about how cannabis may support a condition? Wondering if cannabis is right for you and your family? Register and privately ask a condition-specific question from a clinician trained in cannabis. If you’d like to learn more, select a clinician to consult with.


IllumeLight consult option is intended to provide you with brief reliable information and answers to your questions. You will learn about your current product use or products you intend to use.

  • Learn how to integrate cannabis into your health regimen safely and effectively.
  • Your health history questionnaire will be assessed by your clinician to mitigate possible side effects and to identify any potential contraindications.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of cannabis science, the health benefits, and conditions cannabis products may support.
  • You will learn about products, dosing, method of consumption, frequency, and safe integration of cannabis into your health regimen.
  • You have the opportunity to complete daily journal which contributes to your personalized health-effects and wellness dashboard for insights.


You have now begun integrating cannabis into your lifestyle and health regimen. To ensure your success in this journey, we highly recommend IllumeCare for individuals with chronic conditions, those who are new to cannabis, and those who will need ongoing guidance for their cannabis regimen

  • You will complete a daily journal to allow you and your clinician to track your progress.
  • You and your clinician will work together to manage the effective integration of products, dosing, consumption method and frequency of your new products over a period.
  • You will have access to your own private, interactive and real-time health-effect data dashboard to track your progress with easy to understand charts.

Why is this important? Based on patient and clinician feedback, it can take at least 30 to 60 days to adjust and evaluate the benefit of any cannabis regimen. Collaboration with a clinician through this evaluation process will help insure your success.


Now that you have successfully integrated cannabis into your lifestyle, subscribe to IllumeED for uninterrupted access to your health data.

  • Improve your insights by the power of data, continue completing your daily journal.
  • Participate in condition specific educational cohorts for additional support.
  • Volunteer to participate in Observational Research Studies as Citizen Scientist.
  • Ongoing education content, members-only insights and access to product discounts offered by medical brands and delivery partners.
  • Connect with other IllumeSense patients on a secure platform for community support.