Integrating Proprietary EHR and Telehealth Services to Optimize Patient Care.

  • Identify and track potential negative drug-product interactions.
  • Captures data on dosages for specific clinical implications.
  • Captures data on chemovars, methods of administration and side effects.
  • Access patient's health-effect and experience tracking data.
  • Participate in virtual rounds
  • Benchmark yourself against other clinicians for insights.
  • HIPAA secure and private patient onboarding and management portal.

Curious about how natural health products may support a health condition? Wondering if they are right for you and your family? Register and privately ask a question from a healthcare professional. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a consultation. You will be able to record, track and view your progress in easy to understand health dashboards.

Volunteer citizen scientists are contributing to accelerate research and improve human health health and wellness each day from around the globe. The IllumeSense citizen scientist program was developed to provide a platform for consumers to participate in research studies to support the growing natural products Discovery process.

The IllumeSense software is HIPAA compliant and uses your de-identified data with your consent only.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics