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Consumers need reliable information from a trusted clinician, and safe products, to make better decisions for their health and that of their families

  • The complexity of clinical data acquisition, strategies and analysis
  • Lack of data analytics tools for better cannabis care outcomes
  • Lack of patient trust and engagement due to societal stigma
  • Difficulty in identifying verified, quality products
  • Limited cannabis educated healthcare professionals

Health data analytics software platform brings clinicians, consumers and industry

  • Real-world health data insights for discovery
  • Clinical decision-support tool for clinicians
  • Evidence-based data for better health outcomes​
  • Applied Machine Learning to enhance human-centric decision process
  • Customized, interactive data to generate actionable insights


To build an AI-facilitated health data analytics platform that will improve cannabinoid healthcare and accelerate science


To be the cannabinoid data analytics platform for reliable care, high-quality products, and sound policy standards


To share knowledge with the next generation of cannabinoid consumers

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At ADVENT, our job is to prepare you. Patients today often know more about medical cannabis than their healthcare providers, yet they still have questions they expect their providers to answer. Are you prepared to answer your patients’ questions about cannabis?

Learn the foundations of cannabis science and medicine from a trusted source. Radicle Health Cannabis for Healthcare Professionals is a self-paced curriculum package that includes over 4 hours of recorded Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with audio narration, an accompanying script, supplemental educational content, and self-assessment tests.

Online Medical Cannabis and CBD Certification with evidence based training and condition specific dosage guidelines. Developed by renowned cannabis clinician, Dr. Dustin Sulak.