Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the information online, especially if you are a patient with a chronic condition or complicated health history interested in integrating natural products into your health and lifestyle regimen?

IllumeSense exists to help. We generate and provide you access to your own health and wellness data for insights.

IllumeSense is the go-to health data analytics platform for clinicians and wellness brands in the Integrative health care industry. We offer a Human-centric, AI-powered Health data analytics with interactive clinical decision support (CDS) dashboard.

A Data Analytics software platform integrating proprietary EHR and Telehealth services to facilitate the clinician and patient communication.

IllumeSense health data intelligence Data-as-a-service (DaaS) platform generates actionable insights for better business outcomes. Patent-protected algorithms and human-centric artificial intelligence (HAI) methods to see beyond the obvious.

We illuminate the “WHY” for the wellness brands and product manufacturers, supporting their research project with data management and analysis.


For the picture of health

For product safety and quality

For real world health insights

For beyond the obvious

For education and discovery

For compliance