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Are the stigma, lack of support and lack of reliable information from a trusted source preventing you from integrating cannabis into your lifestyle and health care program? We exist to benefit patients like you. Are you ready to explore further? Let's get you started. Securely register and log in to your private portal to begin.

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We believe that the big picture of health in the continuum of care is the most important driving factor to improve health outcomes. Cannabis care education is complex, especially for patients with chronic conditions or complicated health history.


IllumeSense is a digital health and data analytics company focused on developing software to support clinicians trained in cannabis care. Our intelligent electronic health record (EHR) software is designed to be a clinical decision-support tool powered by data analytics and machine learning.


IllumeSense EHR incorporates proven healthcare data analytics tools modernizing cannabis care. Through the use of proprietary, multi-source dashboard, clinicians can easily access benchmarked health-effect data for their patient population.


llumeSense data intelligence platform provides actionable insights to improve business outcomes. Our research partners can access scientific health-effect data derived from proprietary algorithms and applied artificial intelligence (AI) tools for discovery.


Our goal is to share our cannabis health effect knowledge with the next generations to discover and innovate for better health and business outcomes.


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